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Classic German TV Series

April 1, 2011 GW Administrator 4

Following our successful list of classic German children’s series, here is a collection of classic German TV Series. Which one did we forget? Die Schwarzwaldklinik Zwei Münchner in Hamburg Ich heirate eine Familie Die Drei […]

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Happy 200th birthday Robert Bunsen

March 31, 2011 GW Administrator 0

Today’s Google Doodle celebrates German scientist Robert Wilhelm Bunsen. Born March 30th or 31st 1811 in Göttingen, he made essential discoveries, discovered Caesium and Rubidium and developed the “Bunsen Burner”.

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Werner Herzog Short Film

March 23, 2011 GW Administrator 0

Werner Herzog’s short film: O Soave Fanciulla (Oh you vision of beauty) from Puccini’s iconic La Bohème for Sky Arts Opera Shorts: The complete movie: and our all time favorite: plastic bag

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Goodbye Knut

March 19, 2011 GW Administrator 0

Knut Berlin’s beloved Polar Bear who rose to stardom as an icon to fight global warming is dead. Born December 2006 and raised in captivity at the Berlin Zoological Garden he was the first polar […]