Act Now to Support Cultural Vistas, a J-1 Visa Sponsor

September 21, 2017 Alexa 0

Cultural Vistas needs your help today to protect their educational and cultural exchange programs against significant restrictions. Multiple news sources, including the Wall Street Journal, are reporting that the Trump administration is considering a plan […]


Take Adult German Classes at the DANK Haus

August 9, 2017 Alexa 0

Adult learners have a broad spectrum of personal and/or career-oriented educational goals.  To meet these goals, DANK Haus provides immersion language classes with challenging curricula covering listening comprehension, speaking fluency, writing, and grammar. They offer 7 levels […]


How Socioeconomics Affect Language Learning

July 24, 2017 Alexa 0

By Suzanne Graham The British have a reputation (rightly or wrongly) for struggling to learn foreign languages. A recent survey showed, for example, that 62% of the population can’t speak any other language apart from […]


What is the Meaning of True Bilingualism?

July 17, 2017 Alexa 0

By Dr. Perri Klass True bilingualism is a relatively rare and a beautiful thing, and by “true,” I mean speaking two languages with the proficiency of a native — something most of us will only […]