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Germany turns off 7 plants what is the US doing?

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First off, thank you to the Fukushima 50. The workers that stay behind at the plant desperately trying to cool down the reactors. 500 bone marrow transplant centers across 27 European countries have been put on alert to treat the workers if Japan does not have enough. GAMBARU

Gambaru means in Japanese: Do your best in whatever state that you find yourself in. Never ever, ever give up, even and especially when there is no chance of winning.

Spiegel TV Report about the nuclear power plant with lots of facts: We are not prepared for a combined accident Tsunami & Earthquake

How vulnerable are US nuclear plants? Interesting read on CNN

Like any good hitchhiker through the galaxy would say: Don’t panic! Still it’s wise to be prepared

Incomprehensible tragedy:

Reader Tip, thank you for sending it in: LADWP information on how to Switch to Green Power:

U.S. Senator Boxer: Evacuating 50 mile radius around California nuclear plants would mean moving 7.5 million people.

Japans quake went like a jolt through the European politics. Politicians that at least some time, not only rule with common sense, but also listen to what the people really want. Austria’s Environment Minister (where is the US ministry for environment and sustainability?) motioned that all European nuclear power plants undergo a “stress test”.
So far nuclear power was a national issue and always a touchy one within the EU.
Some countries, e.g. France rely heavily on nuclear power. Three quarters of French power is nuclear.
And no matter what politicians say, nuclear is anything else but clean, because the depleted uranium is highly toxic. France stores it in Le Havre and underground and sent thousands of nuclear waste to Russia.
Austria is one of the few countries that has a nuclear power plant, Zwentendorf, but after a referendum never went operational. Wonder if in the US people will ever be asked about essential questions like do you want to have a nuclear power plant in a tsunami / earthquake are or not?
Now nature has reclaimed the area and the plant is used for spare parts. The plant is similar to the one if Fukushima which went online in 1971. Pictures of what it looks like inside Zwentendorf, which is used for training purposes and for spare parts. Slide show.

Germanys Chancellor Angela Merkel reacted right away, she said that the Japanese apocalypse is a “turning point in the history of the industrial world,”.
She is reconsidering putting the plan for a nuclear free Germany by 2022 back in place and Germany is switching off 7 power plants built before 1980!
That is only 31 years… California’s San Onofre and San Luis Obispo plants are about a decade older. And on top of it they are in like Japan’s Fukushima in earthquake zones and close to the ocean.
There are different news reports about how high the wall to the ocean really is and if it is build for a 6.5 earthquake or a bit higher, but regardless. Fact is the plants are old. Japan spent a lot more on earthquake security than e.g. California does. And nobody predicted that the Japanese earthquake would be do violent and a 9 causing a tsunami.
Do we need a more vivid reminder about how utterly helpless we are in face of such a tragedy, than the pictures that flood the news right now?
Three of the four corners of the pacific plates had catastrophic quakes recently. The US West Coast is the remaining corner. Maybe it is time to take this more seriously.
Maybe it is time to switch off the aging plants and find another solution.

Even Venezuela halts its nuclear plans. Only the official US response is not re-thinking, but checking the safety a bit and then probably once the media storm is over doing business as usual, because business, not common sense or safety is what rules this country. Pretty likely we, the people, will go ahead and build more plants, at least the ones that were suggested by the while house a while ago as a “clean” alternative. But maybe we can continue to dream; this is the country where your dreams come true, that the US will re-think its energy policy.

The US is so way behind, when it comes to protecting citizens and listening to what the people want. Which is for sure not living close to an over 40 year old power plant or to have new lethal plants that man cannot control in case of emergency.

Official statements are ridden with un-precise statements and with phrases like: “As safe as humanly possible“ which ironically the point, a tsunami or an earthquake are not human, it is Mother Nature showing us her force.

There is a petition to ask president Obama to take action and if not turn plants off, at least put plants to build new ones on hold.

But is all that enough? There is no real anti atomic movement, nobody standing up and making politicians rethink not to put a single tax dollar into non-renewable energies from this day on. To rethink, rebuild, reengineer and finally respect Mother Nature and stop abusing her.
Maybe it is time for citizens to step up and make their voices heard. After all it is all of us who will have his or her food poisoned and who will suffer from potential radiation poisoning that no human being will be able to protect us from in case of emergency.

It is high-time for the mighty USA to step up, when it comes to sustainable energy
If Germany can do it, so can we!

Radiation Network , depicting environmental radiation levels across the USA, updated in real time every minute.

Angela Merkel mentioning her oath and that it is her duty to protect citizens. All German nuclear plants will be tested, seven will go offline for that period of time and might never go online again.
Where is president Obama taking action, why aren’t San Luis Obispo and San Onofre officially tested and it is even considered to turn them off while we still can?

Here is a list compiled by journalist Reinhard Kargl to help Japan.


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