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Friendship Concert in Honor of Holocaust Remembrance Day

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On Wednesday, January 25, the Consulate General of Germany, together with the Consulates of Israel and Poland, commemorated International Holocaust Remembrance Day with a special friendship concert at the American Jewish University in Los Angeles. The free concert was hosted by the Whizin Center and the Sigi Ziering Institute in partnership with the three Consulates […]

How a famous former Nazi officer became a hitman for Israel

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April 5, 2016 A recent article published on tells the story of Otto Skorzeny, a former, high-ranking Nazi Officer, who Der lbecame a hitman for Israel’s Moussad in the 1960s. Otto Skorzeny was one of the most outstanding military men of the 20th century. His specialty was daring, guerrilla-style, commando raids. He was an unrepentant Nazi, […]

NY: Screening of the Movie “Germans. Living in Israel” at NYU

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“Germans. Living in Israel” (2011) is a documentary film by Helmut Simon and Martine Schubesberger showing how mostly young Germans live and experience their life in Israel. Were there many obstacles for them to climb? Did they encounter resentments? What is their everyday life like? And what is the perception of Germans in Israel? Many […]