An Interview with Vanessa Eichholz

Swabian actress and producer Vanessa Eichholz, known for her roles in Father Rupert Mayer, Reeperbahn, and Hellboy, sat down with German World to talk about her latest project Lost in Space, which will premiere on Netflix in 2018.

So tell us a bit more about your part on the Netflix show “Lost in Space” you recently worked on?

The upcoming show is called “Lost in Space“, a remake of a successful TV series in the 1960s on CBS and a New Line Cinema movie in 1998 with Hollywood stars William Hurt, Heather Graham and Gary Oldman. Unfortunately, I’m not allowed to say much about the content of the upcoming series, but it was great working with director and producer Neil Marshall (“Game of Thrones“, „Westworld“) and I’m very excited for it to air in 2018 worldwide on Netflix.

You have worked in a Hollywood production on the movie “Father Rupert Mayer” with Hollywood icons Daryl Hannah and Stacy Keach before, how was the experience different from acting in “Lost in Space”?

It was very different as “Father Rupert Mayer” was a movie, not a TV show, which always sets a very different tone production wise. TV is usually much faster paced.

Also, ”Father Rupert Mayer” was shot in Munich, Germany at the prestigious Bavaria Film Studios in the middle of January, so as you can imagine, it was freezing. Both Stacy Keach and Daryl Hannah are wonderful actors and it was amazing to be part of the same movie. Obviously, the film was about a Catholic priest confronting the Nazi regime and was digging into German history a lot. I play the priest’s assistant/coworker Mrs Bahr, who helps free the priest out of a concentration camp from the Nazis.

German TV has also been interested in you recently?

Yes, it was a wonderful experience shooting for two of Germany’s biggest cable TV channels Pro Sieben and SAT1 for their primetime programming. One of the shows (“Taff”) is comparable to “Extra“ on E! and the other show “Frühstücksfernsehen“ is similar to “Good Morning America“. We shot at the iconic Hollywood sign as part of the locations and they were really interested to learn more about my life as an actress in Hollywood and how it is different from me acting in Germany. We also discussed beauty tips and tricks of Hollywood stars.

Do you feel like there is a lot of pressure for female Hollywood actresses to stay young and fit?

Absolutely. I’m currently in the process of writing a book with my established co-author, Sonia Laszlo, about our Hollywood experiences in the male dominated industry Hollywood and we also talk a lot about the pressure to look young in this town. We also work with the Geena Davis Institute about facts and figures and our publisher is very excited to the book to come out soon.