Glasierter Früchtelebkuchen

November 23, 2016 GW Administrator 0

FEATURED RECIPE from Ingredients: 7 oz (200g) raisins 3.5 oz (100g) dried apricots 3.5 oz (100g) dried figs 3.5 oz (100) candied lemon peel (cubed) 2 oz (50g) candied orange peel (cubed) 6 tbsp […]


An Austrian Favorite: Sacher Torte

October 26, 2016 GW Administrator 0

Ingredients: Six eggs (separated), 130 g butter, 130 g chocolate, 130 g flour, 200 g sugar, chocolate icing, apricot jam. Instructions: Stir half of the sugar into the butter until stiff, then briefly stir in […]


Leipziger Allerlei

February 28, 2014 GW Administrator 2

Leipziger Allerlei is a German Vegetable recipe that makes a great side dish. This German recipe is an original recipe from the German Eastern city Leipzig that you will love. Leipziger Allerlei  contains of fresh […]


German Poppy Seed Pastry

February 26, 2014 GW Administrator 0

German Poppy seed pastry is a classic of the German bakeries; you can find these pastries in every German bakery. But unfortunately not in the USA. You can make the poppy seed pastries at home, […]

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Leberkaes Schnitzel

February 24, 2014 GW Administrator 0

Leberkaes Schnitzel is made out of Leberkaese which means literally translated “liver cheese” in German, but it does not contain liver at all. So what is it? Leberkaes is a special sausage meat and very […]


Marble Gugelhupf Cake

July 17, 2013 GW Administrator 13

The Marble Gugelhupf is a classic cake in Germany and in English you would call it Bundt Cake. You would use the special Gugelhupf form to make this German cake. The ingredients are well mixed […]

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German Filled Pancakes

May 24, 2013 GW Administrator 0

German filled pancakes are a classic German dish that can be varied in many ways. This recipe is with a mushroom-onion filling. But you can use some ham or zucchini, ground meat or green and […]